Hire the best engineer for the job, not the closest one.

We're a full-stack hiring solution, specialized in assessment and matching of top 1% engineers with hybrid and distributed startup teams.


of candidates we present for final interviews are hired

12 000+

pre-vetted engineers currently in our database


of our clients have hired through us 3 times or more

your tech hiring strategy.

Hiring engineers locally has become a nightmare in many tech hubs like S.F and London. And it's becoming harder and harder in many other cities, like Paris & NYC. As a temporary fix, many startups try to compete based on salary and benefits, but it's rarely a viable strategy.

A safer solution is expanding your talent pool, and hiring outside your zip code. Talent is evenly distributed, and in the age of high-speed internet, and intuitive video communication, geography shouldn't stand in the way of hiring a good engineer.

Let's upgrade your tech hiring stack.

As your hiring partner, we empower you to tap into new talent pools around the world, and enable you to hire the best person for the job wherever they are, without the hassle.
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  • Expand your talent pool beyond your borders, and only hire the best & brightest.
  • Save countless hours in sourcing and vetting, and only talk to potential fits in a final interview.
  • Leverage our expertise & hiring stack. We've helped hire 50+ engineers to join startups in Fintech, Computer Vision, and Real Estate.
  • Our entire process is built and run by senior engineers, with a combined 25 years of startups & product experience.
“I wasn't too sure about remote hiring at first, but thought I'd give it a try, there was nothing to lose. Now I think it was a great decision. The three engineers I hired were passionate, eager to learn, and, within a few weeks, they'd started showing a great deal of ownership already.”

Mario Matar

CTO @MonBanquet
“Working with Gemography has been full of delightful surprises. Our first hire was soon followed by a second hire three months later, then three more. All hires have brought a lot to the team, they're proactive, resourceful, and don't hesitate to take initiative.”

François D'illiers

CTO @Efficity
“I'm always very happy with the candidates they suggest. They're nothing like the ones sent over by recruiters and agencies. I've ended up hiring every candidate they suggested, now three in total. And they're all solid technically, and have a very good mindset.”

Jonathan Meiss

CTO @Fluicity
“My cofounder and I weren't too sure at first, so we thought we'd test it to see and at worst, one month later we stop. The Android developer they suggested ended up joining the team, and we even added a Fullstack and an iOS developer.”

Maxence lérigner

CTO @BulldozAir

Pioneering companies

We've helped tech leaders hire 50+ talented engineers

We've helped tech leaders from companies like Enigma, Bulldozair hire the talented engineers they were looking for by expanding their talent pools, and enabling them to tap into the top 1% of places they would have never suspected.

Enigma, is a New York-based company, in the field of Data-as-a-Service. In 2019, it was listed in the Top 50 Most Innovative Fintech Companies. In the past year, we've helped them hire two data engineers.

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Trueface.ai is an L.A based company, and is considered one of the world's leading computer vision solutions. In the past couple of years, we've helped them take their first steps with distribution, by hiring a Fullstack engineer & Frontend engineer, both from Morocco.

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How it works

Briefing call with a senior tech lead

We jump on a call to go over your tech stack, DevOps, and desired skillset.

Interview final candidates

You receive one or two finalists, with a profile including data on each touchpoint we've had with them. You do the final interview.

Onboard your engineer

We take care of the HR & Admin side. On the start date, your engineer has a contract, a workspace, and necessary hardware.

The power of distribution without the hassle.

Hiring across borders usually comes with a set of challenges. Many distributed teams have tackled it successfully, so we picked some of the most suitable approaches and bundled them for you as a built-in service.

One monthly invoice to take care of it all: Service fees + Your engineer's salary & benefits + Their workspace & Hardware.

Startup-friendly payment plan, no upfront success fee, and an all-in-one monthly invoice.

Remote-optimized workspace and monthly coaching sessions for a smooth collaboration.

Common questions

What positions can you help me hire for?

We've helped startups hire for Frontend (React, Vue.js), Backend (Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Spring) & Fullstack engineering positions, as well as Data Engineering (Python, Airflow, Pandas, Docker) and Mobile (iOS, Android, React Native).

Is there a test period?

Yes. After the start date of your new hire, you have two weeks to make sure it's the right fit.

What's your role in the collaboration?

Initially, we're your talent acquisition team. Then once we find you the right engineer for the job and you agree to hire them, we become a facilitator. We take care of the administrative layer (contract, payroll, compliance), and we provide the infrastructure for a smooth collaboration (workspace, hardware & coaching).
We never interfere in the day-to-day collaboration within your team.

What happens when I want to part ways with my hire?

You can part ways with your hire any time with a one-month notice. No strings attached.

Hire the best engineer for the job.