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For this week's Developer Stories, we're featuring Adil, a Lead Software Engineer with extensive work experience and proven expertise in Backend Development.

Adil first joined Gemography back in 2017, got matched with "EffiCity" a Paris-based real estate online platform, as a Software Engineer.

Let's learn more about Adil and his experiences!

What attracted you to applying to Gemography?

I initially heard a lot of good things about Gemography back in "Hidden Founders" era, a lot of personal connections were speaking very highly of the company as a whole. I looked it up online and found what they do was really cool and perfectly aligned with my career aspirations, from the tech stack to the team's mindset. The hiring process went really good, I was interviewed by the Co-Founders (Yassine – CEO , Adil – CTO, and Zack – Head of Engineering), 3 days later I was accepted and got offered the opportunity to get matched with a top tech startup abroad with the benefits of a full-time job role. Which was quite amazing.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Gemography Fellow?

Definitely the team mindset. You feel that the company culture is built around ensuring everyone fits in and feels comfortable, and this alone indicated it was the right place for me.

What's your current role at EffiCity?

I'm a Fullstack Developer, my work consists mainly of doing the whole process, from Frontend design to managing servers and Backend architectures. As a self-taught developer, I've built the habit to learn and build everything on my own, that mindset helps me grow, increase autonomy and enhance my knowledge.

What does a typical "work from home" day look like for you?

That actually depends on what I’m working on and the stage of my assigned projects and tasks. Some days are very collaborative full of meetings with the rest of the team. Other days may involve focusing on something solo.

What is your preferred tech stack for web dev?

I'd say Python, React Native, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Elastic Search.

What do you do when you're not coding?

Mhmm... Hard question. Coding, I guess? – I happen to pick up my PlayStation controller from time to time to play some games... like once in 2–3 months. But I always find my way back to my laptop screen, somehow.

Other than coding, I like to read articles about different topics, especially the ones related to Football, news, politics. And of course, browsing memes across 9GAG and Reddit. I also used to write a few technical articles on my blog, hopefully will pick up on that habit again sometime.

What kind of music do you listen to?

All kinds, But I lean more towards Hip Hop culture and Rap. From oldies: DMX, Dr.Dre & Nas, to Pop Smoke.

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