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Cheikh Tidjane KONTEYE

Meet Cheikh. Around 2 years ago, he became a Gemography Fellow, since then he's been one of our go-to guys when it comes to technical assessment & interviews.  He currently works remotely with a tech company in Paris.

We recently sat down with Cheikh to talk about his story with Gemography. Here's what he had to say...

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Cheikh Tidjane Konteye, I'm from Senegal. I'm a Lead Software Engineer with years of experience across a broad spectrum of technologies. I got matched through Gemography in early 2020 and I work currently as a Fullstack Developer with a top tech startup named "EffiCity" based in Paris, France.

How did you join Gemography?

I've applied to Gemography back in 2019, and I got rejected because the code assignment I send didn't match the submission requirements and criteria. 6 months later, I've decided to re-apply and it worked.

When did you first hear about Gemography?

I heard about Gemography from a friend of mine (who's also currently working at Gemography).

How's remote work life going for you?

I prefer to work remotely, to be honest. I don't think that I'll be able to go back to the office.

How does a typical workday go for you?

A typical workday for me starts with a few meetings in the morning. Then the day mostly consists of coding, building, testing, deploying, and retesting. Each day has its own rhythm, depends on the workload. At EffiCity, we hold weekly sync meetings and "stand-up" meetings at the beginning of every week.

How does your current job compare to other previous jobs you've had?

I had 2 years of professional experience prior to joining Gemography. Compared to my other jobs, it's way better. What made me join Gemography is the mindset behind, the "software" culture. It's too precious for me. If I ever work at a company where there's no software culture, I won't consider staying. Aside from the provided perks and good work environment, it's more about the people's mindset.

Which part of the hiring process you've enjoyed the most?

I enjoyed a lot my Technical Interview with Adil (CTO). He is a great communicator. It was more exchange than anything else. I've appreciated the fact that, unlike other typical job interviews, he actually me a chance to show what I've done before. I talked about all contributions and small side projects I've worked on - felt like anything technically challenging or interesting was worth mentioning.

Do you have any advice for people considering applying to Gemography?

I've actually already convinced 2 of my friends to join Gemography (and they made it!) - Honestly, I'd simply say, just the mindset behind it. It's not easy to find a company with a similar mindset here in Senegal nor in Morocco (where I've lived for a couple of years), it's like they bring Silicon Valley with its passion for software engineering, like-minded people, and cool work culture, remotely to you. You simply cannot refuse such an opportunity.

Now for a little bit about you outside of work...

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

Video Games - It's not always about technology around here. I love to play games, especially online multiplayer battle royale games, e.g. PUBG Mobile.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not writing code?

Learning AI - I recently completed some AI courses with a focus on Neural Networks and Deep Learning. This is a super interesting field these days, not just on the academic side but with a number of the applications like self-driving cars, robots, UAVs, etc.

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