Fullstack Engineer (Node/React)

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About us

We are a French AI startup whose mission is to transform the mobility and insurance market by bringing trust and efficiency whenever a car changes hands. They've built an AI-based, hardware-free, inspection system that assesses instantly any vehicle’s condition from photos or videos.


You will join our technical team with skills in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Software Engineering alongside Fayçal (CTO and Co-founder).

As Senior Fullstack Engineer at Monk, you will work on the following projects:

  • Participate in the development of the solution on the back-end part (Python) and on the front-end part (React JS).
  • Put our solution based on Deep Learning models into production at our customers' sites.
  • Implement convincing and usable user interfaces, contribute to their design (React), lead Webapp and mobile application projects and build tools in-house
  • Work closely with Data Scientists and UX designers to develop the best possible user experiences
  • Lead a team of 2 to 3 people internally and manage projects with external partners
  • Direct architectural decisions frontend and backend for new and existing infrastructures
  • Respect the rules of TDD (Test-Driven Development)

Technologies used

  • Databases: Postgres, Firebase (Firestore), S3
  • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP
  • Server-side: Python, Flask/FastAPI
  • Client-side: JS, TS, React

Preferred experience


  • Minimum 4 years experience
  • Experience in frontend and backend development
  • Front: React and Typescript mastering, bonus: DataViz libraries, image manipulation and annotations
  • Back: Python, Node.js
  • Ability to accompany and lead the team of developers on projects
  • We are ideally looking for someone who loves detail, someone who is interested in going even further with our products in order to:
  • to always offer the best possible experience
  • scaling as much as possible our technology

Soft Skills

  • Team Spirit/Manager
  • Leadership
  • Pedagogy and communication
  • Rigor et organization

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