Senior Backend Engineer

New York
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Our mission

We are humanizing, simplifying, and automating IT management for our customers. Our beach-head product automatically identifies all SaaS products an entire organization uses and pays for. We then deliver deeper insights automatically, helping our customers save money, reduce security risks, and improve productivity.

Our technology

Our technology requires powerful infrastructure to deliver what we do scalably, securely, and near instantly. We leverage today's best technologies, including AWS Lambda /Serverless, Node, TypeScript, GraphQL, Elm, and more, allowing us to quickly build stable, high performance apps.

Why Join

Joining us means joining a business with a unique take on a very interesting, growing, space - right at the ground floor. You'll work directly with our serial-entrepreneur CTO, highly knowledgeable team, and interact with customers.

About you

You understand when to rapidly cut cloth and 'b-line' to novel value, and when to tread carefully, surgically solving the most subtle of issues.

You understand that the hidden technical defaults and team culture influence so much of how we craft our product, and we ought to be mindful.

You enjoy working with high-powered, low-ego teammates.

You have 7+ years experience building modern web / SaaS applications, demonstrated curiosity, initiative, and an interest in helping building an engineering culture from the earliest stages on up.

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