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"What a great experience! Working with a Y Combinator startup through Gemography is an opportunity not to be missed. Not only did I gain valuable software development skills, but I also learned a lot on a human level by being around talented people."
Senior Android Engineer
"Gemography helped me develop my career by providing different opportunities and operations for me to participate in."
Senior Frontend Engineer
"Working with a startup through Gemography gave me the opportunity to grow and become a competitive talent worldwide. I felt blessed to be surrounded by smarter developers who were supportive in my journey."
Idriss Said Alaoui
Web & Game Craftsman
"Gemography experience is refreshing, to say the least. Lots of growth, lots of opportunities for ownership, with an emphasis on work/life balance."
Data Engineer
"There is no place like Gemography to bootstrap your career, the spirit there will help you grow both technically and on a human level, developers are at the center of it all and being acknowledged like you never see."
Akram Saouri
Senior Fullstack Engineer
"Early on, I was mostly focused on Backend Engineering, joining a startup through Gemography not only helped me expand my area of expertise to include also frontend, it also helped me improve my soft skills and product game."
Reda Belhrach
Senior Fullstack Engineer