Get job offers from remote tech companies

We connect exceptional software engineers in 🇲🇦 🇪🇬  to top tech companies from Silicon Valley, New York and Paris.

Get job offers from
remote tech companies

We connect exceptional software engineers with top tech companies from Silicon Valley, New York and Paris.

Why Gemography?

One job application gets you in front of
100+ top tech companies in our network.

No resume needed! Just showcase your skills in the programming language of your choice.

Embark on a global tech career with
the long-term job stability of a local job.

Work with leading tech companies

Tackle big technical challenges and build products you're proud of at some of the fast-growing tech startups out there.

Enigma, a New York-based Data-as-a-Service company,
transforms disparate, tabular data into rich representations
of real-world relationships, providing a trusted source of intelligence about people, places and companies

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BulldozAIR, a construction project management platform
used by large generalist corporates to collaborate with their construction contractors and monitor the progress of their construction projects from their office.

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Leverage great
tech stacks

Work on challenging technical problems using
modern technologies. Leave legacy projects behind.

We empower engineers to accelerate their tech careers

Akram Saouri
Senior Software Engineer
"There is no place like Gemography to bootstrap your career, the spirit there will help you grow both technically and on a human level, developers are at the center of it all and being acknowledged like you never see."
Idriss Said Alaoui
Web & Game Craftsman
"Working with a startup through Gemography gave me the opportunity to grow and become a competitive talent worldwide. I felt blessed to be surrounded by smarter developers who were supportive in my journey."
Reda Belhrach
Senior Frontend Engineer
"Early on, I was mostly focused on Backend Engineering, joining a startup through Gemography not only helped me expand my area of expertise to include also frontend, it also helped me improve my soft skills and product game."
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application process look like?

After successfully completing our online technical quiz (multi-choice questions), you'll be invited to complete a technical interview and a culture-fit interview, each one hour in duration.

Are the job opportunities long-term or freelance?

All job opportunities are full-time, long-term and comes with indefinite term contracts.

Where are the companies located?

The companies we partner with are headquartered in one of the major tech hubs, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Paris with engineering teams spread across the world.

Can I apply more than once?

For sure, some of the most successful software engineers at Gemography are second-time applicants.
If you're re-applying for the same role though, we recommend waiting at least 3 months before doing so.

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