Work with world-class
tech companies

Join distributed engineering teams spread across the US and Europe and work on large-scale web and mobile platforms.

Why Gemography?

It might just be everything you've been looking for in a job

Apply once and get matched with startups from all over the globe.
Resumes are not required nor do we discriminate based on degree or years of experience.
Embark on a global adventure with the perks and stability of a local job.
Job opportunities

Work with great companies

Tackle big technical challenges and build products you're proud of at some of the fast-growing tech startups out there.
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Enigma, a New York-based Data-as-a-Service company, transforms disparate, tabular data into rich representations of real-world relationships, providing a trusted source of intelligence about people, places and companies

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BulldozAIR, a construction project management platform used by large generalist corporates to collaborate with their construction contractors and monitor the progress of their construction projects from their office.

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great technologies

Working with fast-growing tech companies also means using the latest and greatest technologies out there.

How it works


No resume required. We are more interested in your technical and soft skills than your degree or years of experience.


Our 3-steps interview process takes into account not only your skills but also your passion for tech and building products.

Get matched

One hiring process gives you access to job offers at some of the best tech companies out there. Only the top 3% get to this stage.

Perks & Benefits

Netflix & Spotify

Get your own Netflix and Spotify Premium accounts on your 1st day.

24-days holidays

Because to work hard, you need to chill even harder.


All positions come with standard healthcare as well as pension.

Social events

Be part of our yearly AMAs, weekend trips and occasional tech events and meetups.

Weekly Game Night

What better way to bond with like-minded techies than a few PS4 and Nintendo Switch gaming sessions.

Bootcamp + 1:1 coaching

Grow your career and feed your curiosity through our 1-month bootcamp and regular coaching sessions.

Common questions

What does your application process look like for technical roles?

The application process might vary slightly from one job to another, but in general you should expect to take one technical quiz and two interviews before being matched with one of the startups we work with.

I'm not proficient in English ? Can I still apply?

Absolutely! While most of our communication with you will be in English, you can pass interviews in the language of your choice. Plus, we do offer job roles where you'll be working exclusively with French-speaking teams.

What type of job contract do I get ?

All jobs at Gemography are full-time, long-term and comes with perks and benefits.

Can I apply more than once?

For sure! Some of the best software engineers at Gemography are second-time applicants.
If you're applying for the same role though, we recommend waiting 180 days before re-applying.